What will Pepperland play at Off Broadway on Aug. 31, 2013?

Here is a hint.

We’ll play, in our own peculiar way:

3 songs that The Beatles played on the rooftop –
5 or 4 songs from “The White Album” –
Seven solo songs from the seventies –
Two solo songs from the eighties –
Only 1 song from “Pepper,” but it’s a dandy one we haven’t done in years –
Nearly, but not all, of half of “Abbey Road!” –
1 number from Ringo –
1 that Paul penned for Badfinger –
Four more from before “Rubber Soul” –
Bits and pieces of You know my name (look up the number), Dig it, What’s the new Mary Jane –
And more….much more!

“Daylight is good at arriving at the right time”

Pepperland –

For more: offbroadwaystl.com or pepperlandband.com


A lot has happened in Pepperland in the past few months including the departure of guitarists Jimmy “Jeramiah” Parker, Jim “Oliver” Comporato and, most notably, the passing of longtime bassist Mike “Bike” Baker. Known as Edgar Haight by his Pepperland fans the man was a laugh riot, a phenomenal bassist and buddy to many. Long live Faux Paul. As for the Jim’s they moved on simply because they had other things they wanted/needed to do. A fine, fine duo indeed and we wish them the best!

The show must go on so we bring you Pepperland 2014! Along with longtime members Burton Hinch and Pierre’ Fontaine we are happy to have on keyboards and rhythm guitar Mr. Harper Blacke a.k.a Tim Laramour. Also, on lead guitar with us this year the incomparable Luther Lexington Strangelove a.k.a Jerry Boschert. Finally, rounding up the lineup, a staple on the St. Louis scene, bassist Donovan Thorne a.k.a Bob Guion.