Pepperland (Beatles Revue) Guitar Giveaway

This just in –
Pepperland to give away an signed electric guitar at their concert in St. Louis this Saturday night, July 19, at Cicero’s on the Delmar Loop. Provided by Cliff and the good people at Music Reunion in O’Fallon MO, Pepperlad’s Candace Applebomb, Alexander Pennywine, Harper Black, Baron Von Matthews and Burton Hinch lend their collective John Hancock’s to this fine piece of wood and steel. Certain to become a collectors item…..for when your great grandkids are 64!
Speaking of Cliff, the lads still get many inquiries as to when they will be back at his Red Fish Blue Fish club in St. Charles. Looks like it will be in the winter months so for those of you west of the Missouri river stay tuned.
Peace in the neighborhood –
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