Pepperland (Beatles Revue) Guitar Giveaway

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Pepperland to give away an signed electric guitar at their concert in St. Louis this Saturday night, July 19, at Cicero’s on the Delmar Loop. Provided by Cliff and the good people at Music Reunion in O’Fallon MO, Pepperlad’s Candace Applebomb, Alexander Pennywine, Harper Black, Baron Von Matthews and Burton Hinch lend their collective John Hancock’s to this fine piece of wood and steel. Certain to become a collectors item…..for when your great grandkids are 64!
Speaking of Cliff, the lads still get many inquiries as to when they will be back at his Red Fish Blue Fish club in St. Charles. Looks like it will be in the winter months so for those of you west of the Missouri river stay tuned.
Peace in the neighborhood –
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Pepperland Beatles Revue performing live at the LASERIUM®


Pepperland has the honor of playing two unique, one-hour live shows at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium LASERIUM® on February 8th. Did you feel nostalgic watching Paul and Ringo accept The Beatles’ Lifetime Achievement Award at last night’s Grammys? Well, come on out and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show beneath a vibrant laser light spectacle.

Showtimes: 7pm & 9pm (Doors open 30 minutes prior to each show.) Show is open to all ages!

Tickets: $20 per show. Space is limited, so advance reservations are recommended. Call 314.289.4424 to make reservations.

To ensure your LASERIUM experience is as comfy as possible, feel free to bring your pillows and blankets. A limited number of floor mats are available.

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Pepperland taking it to the streets… FREE!!!

Pepperland will play for our friends east of the Mississippi river on September 21 at the “Ninth Annual Autumn Artwalk” in Greenville, IL. Located in the town square of this historic city, Greenville is only 45 minutes from downtown St. Louis. Pepperland will play the tunes of John, Paul, George and Ringo for you, free of charge! The band begins at 7:00 pm. All ages welcomed and encouraged. Its fun, safe and easy!September 27 finds the band at yet another outdoor gig in the streets at the “Ferguson Street Fest.” That’s right, another free show! Come one, come all ages. Family fun galore! Pepperland starts at 9:15 p.m. on the nose.

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Kudos to those who showed up at Off Broadway this past August 31. A singing and dancing lot you were.


Tim the Enchanter –

What will Pepperland play at Off Broadway on Aug. 31, 2013?

Here is a hint.

We’ll play, in our own peculiar way:

3 songs that The Beatles played on the rooftop –
5 or 4 songs from “The White Album” –
Seven solo songs from the seventies –
Two solo songs from the eighties –
Only 1 song from “Pepper,” but it’s a dandy one we haven’t done in years –
Nearly, but not all, of half of “Abbey Road!” –
1 number from Ringo –
1 that Paul penned for Badfinger –
Four more from before “Rubber Soul” –
Bits and pieces of You know my name (look up the number), Dig it, What’s the new Mary Jane –
And more….much more!

“Daylight is good at arriving at the right time”

Pepperland –

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